Which country was the first to make wine?

History of Wine

Which country was the first to make wine?

Since time immemorial, wine has been a common beverage with humankind.  Our natural liking for this drink arises from the incredible taste, properties, and it’s intoxicating (psychotropic) effects. Out of all alcoholic drinks available in the market, none has had such a great impact on social circles like wine.

Nowadays wine is vastly used in the Catholic Church to resemble the blood of Christ. This is an emblem of how the beverage has played a key role in years gone by. Many years ago, a wine industry marked prosperity of a nation as only the developed countries could support a wine industry. It is said that the western society made its foundation strong in the wine industry.

Which country was first to invent wine?

Giving you a direct answer to this may not be enough. I wouldn’t tell you “its country A or B that was first to make wine, “however I will make you understand the region and continent where wine was first made. The wine history has been surrounded by a lot of myths, all trying to explain its origin and significance in the old days.

There has been archaeological evidence that has sited wine production in Georgia (6000BC), Iraq (5000 BC), Greece (4500 BC) and Armenia (4100). The oldest winery up to date was uncovered in these areas.

Researchers believe that it was around 8000BCE when agricultural activities began in Near East. People in this region started using “digging sticks” to cultivate and plant the seeds of wild grasses, which would finally become the farm wheat we use today.  Around 6750 BC, pigs were domesticated in the modern Iraq, and the Sumerians invented the wheel later.

It was not after the origin of the wine production that the earliest cities began to grow and thrive. People gathered together all united by similar cultures. One of such is the wine culture that made people meet.

It is not a surprise to say that this clusters of people lead to the growth of urban centers. Later they were transformed to the magnificent cities we see.

It is said that wine production was more of a ‘discovery’ rather than an ‘invention.’ The Persian farmers found out that their grapes fruits fermented when overstayed in stores under certain conditions. They would later learn that the fermented juice was wine.

Archeological history has done its best in discovering the earliest places that started wine production. Georgia holds the first place as grapevine plantations are thought to have originated in the country’s fertile valleys.  However, other countries followed suit due to the evident growth in Georgia.

Wine production is an old activity that has gained its popularity in each country in the world. However, countries like Georgia are still respected for their old wine culture. Many scholars have based their research on the countries wine production.



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